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Thread: Prepar3D and AS2012 SimConnect Problem

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    Prepar3D and AS2012 SimConnect Problem

    Dear Frinds

    I will connect Prapar3D 1.4 and AS2012 over a network. Prepar SDK on Server is installed. The Config Files are all ok. When I want to start AS 2012 the message appears, thet no SimConnect is installed. But the SDK from Prepar3d has no Client installation as in FSX.

    When i install the FSX Client the connect is ok Weather from As2012 automatically changed in Prepar on Server. But everytime i start AS2012 it will know the Paths for FSX not for Prepar3D. I have to change them manually and in the end of the Session AS2012 will end with a failure message.

    So how can I connect with the SimClient from Prepar3D?

    Thank you


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    Hmmm, don't know yet because I am running it all on the same machine...

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